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MY LIFE AS PLAY: How I Learned To Play From Extraordinary Spiritual Teachers

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“The spiritual life is often considered dull and boring. According to Mark, this stereotype is absurd. In My Life as Play, Johnson traces his spiritual development and explains how laughter, fun, sex, chaos, and paradox were instrumental in what he calls ‘playing with enlightenment.’ I can think of no better and no more delightful book to initiate novices on their spiritual journey.”
Stanley Krippner, PhD.
psychology and humanistic studies professor,
Saybrook University
co-author, Personal Mythology and Demystifying Shamans and Their World
“Mark is a real Taoist master. In this book he shares some of the most fascinating contemporary lives of spirit you will ever read about. He has something to teach us all about living life in a spontaneous, lyrical, and non-intentional way. ”
—Allan Combs, author of Synchronicity, The Radiance of Being, and Consciousness Explained Better

“Having read a great many books on the subject of enlightenment, meditation and Qigong, I found this book standing out as one of the most outrageous in the range of ideas covered and the way they were presented. Mark skillfully uses his bizarre life stories to deliver a profound spiritual message.” 
Lama Tantrapa, author of Qi Dao

“This book will have you throw away all your preconceived notions about spirituality. So beware, be very aware -- this book may change your life.”
Bonnitta Roy, Associate Editor, Integral Review Journal

My Prime The Geek Khigh Dhiegh Suzuki Mark With Francis Ford Coppola Mark Demonstrating Tai Chi
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Join Mark on his forty-year spiritual odyssey with some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers of the last half-century.

His travels take him from the mountains of  Pennsylvania to exotic temples in China and eventually to the wild and dangerous hills of Malibu California.

Mark chronicles his ten-year training in an ashram in Florida, his year with a famous Zen Roshi in California and his intense, eight year apprenticeship to a powerful Daoist Wizard from China.

Written from the perspective of a self-proclaimed enlightened being, who insists that enlightenment and nature are both overrated.

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